Facebook Advent Challenge

Remember when you were young, that sense of excitement that slowly builds as you open a new door in your advent calendar each day and realise Christmas Day is getting closer?  The thrill of anticipation, the almost unbearable sense of waiting for something special?  The expectation that something wonderful is coming?  Well we want to build on that with our Facebook Advent Challenge.

What Is It?

Starting on 1 December, we’ll be posting to our Facebook page each day a fun activity for you to do with your family (or friends or neighbours or homegroup or anyone else you can think of!) to get you in the mood for Christmas.  Some of them will be things you’ll be doing anyway, like decorating the Christmas tree or coming to the ‘Christingles and Carols by Candlelight’ (you were coming anyway, weren’t you?).  Some of them might be things you’ve never thought of doing. 

So all you have to do is:

  • make sure you’re a member of the Gloddaeth Facebook group.
  • upload a photo (or video!) of you doing each day’s activity to the Gloddaeth Facebook page.
  • sit back and enjoy seeing people having fun getting ready for Christmas.
  • you could also come along to our Christmas morning service, where we’ll showcase some of the photos and videos, (and there might even be a little extra Christmas gift for the family that completes the most activities (as evidenced by the photos), or the best/funniest photos and videos)
What If I’m Not on Facebook?

Don’t panic – we’ve thought of that.  We wouldn’t want you to miss out (although you already are, because our Facebook page is the best way to keep in touch with what’s happening at Gloddaeth), so if you REALLY can’t bear the idea of joining the Gloddaeth Facebook group you can download the list of all 25 activities from 30th November. Just click the green button at the bottom of this page.  Then simply e-mail your photos to: christmas@gloddaeth.com

Yes, But…

What it I want to do an Activity, but not on the day it’s down for?

Hey, this is meant to be fun.  Do what you want, when you want (for instance, I plan on making our Homegroup do the carol singing challenge – ssh, don’t tell them – so we’ll be doing that on a Tuesday no matter what day it’s down for) – just make sure you post the evidence!  From 30th November onwards, you can download the complete list of activities.  Just use the green button below.  Then you’ll know what’s coming up and can plan your days.

The four Advent candles are lighted on successive Sundays before Christmas.  Opinions differ about the meaning of each candle, and the order!  

We’re going with Hope, Joy, Peace and Love.  The fifth candle, lighted on Christmas morning, represents Christ.