Bible Week 2018

Bible Week 2018

Tues pm: “Overflowing Grace”
Romans 15:1-22.

Wed am: “Blessed to be a Blessing” 
Gen 12:1-7 & Gen 15:1-21.

Wed pm: “Living the Blessed Life – Part 1” 
Psalm 1:1-6, John 15:1-27.

Thurs am: “Living the Blessed Life – Part 2” 
Heb 10: 19-25.

Thurs pm: “Blessing Our Communities – Part 1 
Love that makes the Gospel VISIBLE.  
1 Peter 2:1-25.

Fri am:“Blessing Our Communities – Part 2
Truth that makes the Gospel UNDERSTOOD.
Acts 17:1-34.

Powerpoint Files
If you’d like the associated Powerpoint files for each session, you can find the Powerpoint presentations by clicking HERE.

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