Bible Week 2019

Bible Week 2019

We’re very excited to be welcoming James Robson, Ministry Director for Keswick Ministries to Llandudno in 2019.  Before leading Keswick Ministries as Ministry Director, James was involved in the training of church leaders for nearly 20 years, helping with their formation and teaching them the Old Testament.

He taught for 10 years at Oak Hill College, and then for seven years at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University, where he was Senior Tutor and part of the Senior Management Team.  He’s recently conducted a two-day workshop in Hebrew (working through the book of Jonah) at the Rawnsley Centre in Keswick..

Click on the video below to see James in action at the Keswick Convention 2018.

Rev. Dr. James Robson, Ministry Director for Keswick Ministries

The four Advent candles are lighted on successive Sundays before Christmas.  Opinions differ about the meaning of each candle, and the order!  

We’re going with Hope, Joy, Peace and Love.  The fifth candle, lighted on Christmas morning, represents Christ.