Gloddaeth Zoom Meetings

Gloddaeth Zoom Meetings

Sunday Zoom Meeting
25th July 2021, 5:00pm

Speaker: Tim Hodgins
Theme: “The Call of Matthew”
Reading: Matthew 9: 9-13

Click below:
Meeting ID: “814 3336 7513”. Passcode: “486694”

Prayer Meetings:
Tuesday 10:30am & Wednesday 7:30pm

Please Note: The Tuesday Morning prayer meeting is a general prayer meeting.
The Wednesday Evening meeting is specifically intended for those desiring to uphold the Persecuted Church in prayer.
Please click the same link below for either of these meetings:
Meeting ID: “783 2930 7774”. Password: “7jWStC”

The four Advent candles are lighted on successive Sundays before Christmas.  Opinions differ about the meaning of each candle, and the order!  

We’re going with Hope, Joy, Peace and Love.  The fifth candle, lighted on Christmas morning, represents Christ.